Obama Fail: Heckled at Democrat Rally in Massachusetts

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President Barack Obama was heckled while campaigning for Martha Coakley today at a Democratic rally in Northeastern. Coakley is now trailing her opponent, Scott Brown, in the January 19 special election to replace Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate.

Obama campaigning for Democrats has become the kiss of death. Obama campaigned for Creigh Deeds for Governor in Virginia - Deeds was destroyed by Bob McDonnell. Obama campaigned for John Corzine in blue state New Jersey, and Chris Christie beat him to turn the state upside down. Now Obama is getting heckeled in the bluest of blue states - Taxachusetts, er, Massachusetts. If Massachusetts is no longer safe for Democrats, where are they safe?

The hecklers disrupted the President's remarks for more than 2 minutes. Obama even walked away from the podium at one point.

One of the hecklers has a sign that read "Jesus Loves All Babies". The video includes him being dragged away by the police.

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