Steven Crowder Talks Detroit in Ruins

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Detroit is not simply the best example of what can happen when statism runs amok, it’s an example of what will happen if our country is transformed by a few more terms of Hope and Change.

Steven Crowder appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss his latest video for PJTV, Detroit in Ruins

In the interview, Steven said, "I weep for Detroit. It's really sad to go back to my hometown and see it that way. But considering that they have all promised the same thing, it's been the same Democrats coming back in, working with the unions, I don't see much changing in the near future. I hope I'm wrong"
As usual, the reaction to the video from the thoughtful and open minded left has been very negative.  There are a couple of questions they just don’t understand the answer to:

1) How can’t it be Bush’s fault? All evil in America and around the world is, of course, the fault of George Bush.  The fact that Detroit’s long, slow decline was nearly complete before Bush even took office is hard for the libs to comprehend, let alone admit.

2) We care SO much, how could our policies be bad?  This is the question the more thoughtful libs are asking themselves.  They are the good people, they care about the poor, they care about the middle class.  Conservatives are the ones who are evil and hate the poor, their policies are bad because they don’t care about people. 

The people of Detroit have been victimized by unrestrained statist policies for generations.  It’s a slow motion Katrina, where the people who have the means have long since left and only the poorest and most vulnerable are left to be victimized.  There is no one else left to blame.  Crowder’s video is powerful because it definitively shows good intentions do not equate good results.  Destructive policies are destructive policies, no matter how caring the people who devised them claim to be.   

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