Chris Matthews was laughing and having a great time pursuing one of his patented, stupid, irrelevant lines of questioning with radio talk show host and Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams. Matthews was asking Williams to name the Republican leaders in Congress under the absurd assumption that he didn’t know who they were.  He must have confused Williams with an Obama voter.

The smile you see below was quickly wiped off Matthews face when Williams responded: "You're making my leg tingle."

The line wasn’t actually all that funny, but Matthew’s reaction to it was hilarious.  I would have loved to hear Williams throw in a reference to the time Matthews said if you’ve never cried during an Obama speech you’re not an American – but maybe he can get in during his next appearance.

Matthews said he’s made his career with guests like Williams.  That’s fairly obvious.  His interview style has directly resulted in him being destroyed in the ratings by Fox News.

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