Steven Crowder appeared on Hannity to discuss his latest video, Filthy Hippies Everywhere - Crowder Does UC Berkeley.  One of the most tired liberal memes in recent years has been the Democratic party is the party of well-informed, educated people and that Republicans are dumb and uneducated.  Just watch any episode of Bill Maher to hear that big lie get repeated over and over.

Well, we find out what the best and the brightest students at one of the top liberal universities in the country know about basic American history here:

Am I the only one who is surprised nobody named Barack Obama as their favorite President?  Kennedy? I would just like to point out that Sarah Palin knows more about Abraham Lincoln and the Great Depression than all of the libs appearing in this video.

Also, regarding Steven Crowder: I’ve interacted with Steven online since January when he was making videos out of his house.  I got to know him when he submitted his videos as responses to several of my videos on YouTube.  His success is well deserved and it could not happen to a nicer person.  He is a genuinely good guy. 

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