Rush Limbaugh Runs Over Al Gore on Jay Leno - Twice

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Rush Limbaugh driving an electric version of the Ford Focus as part of the Green Car Challenge on The Jay Leno Show was certainly something to behold.  When Jay explained one of the obstacles on the course was a picture of Al Gore, you knew Rush was going to run him over.  However, what made it hilarious was Rush calmly stopping, backing up and running him over for a second time:

The enthusiasm Rush had in running Al Gore over even though he would be penalized for it was simply awesome.  This was such great television it may have overshadowed the excellent interview Rush had with Jay.

After briefly discussing Rush’s 80 pound weight loss, they had a lively discussion on a number of serious issues including: Obama polarizing the American people, government takeovers of the automobile industry and healthcare, the free market, Social Security and Medicare.

Note the standing ovation from the audience welcoming Rush.

The audience was strongly for Rush here.

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1 Response to 'Rush Limbaugh Runs Over Al Gore on Jay Leno - Twice'
  1. Anonymous'> September 25, 2009 at 7:14 AM

    Excellent commentary to an excellent appearance by Rushie.