Know Your Czars - Here's A Scorecard

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Here is a handy scorecard to help you keep track of all of Barack Obama's czars. The scorecard tells us which positions require Senate confirmation and which positions do not.

This is also helpful in countering the "Well, George Bush had czars, too" argument. The scorecard tells you what positions were pre-existing and what czars were installed by Obama. In this time of economic crisis and world wide threats from radical Islmofascists, the country desperately needed a "Great Lakes Czar" apparently. I wonder what the "Domestic Violence Czar" has been up to. Do you think the "Auto Recovery Czar" and the "Car Czar" ever get mistaken for each other at parties? I'd like to speak to the "International Climate Czar". This has been one of the coldest summers on record in Chicago and I want a temperate bailout.

Courtesty of the Washington Post:

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