Twitter is down - Is Obama Responsible?

Posted On 10:07 AM by Steve Stevlic |

Twitter is down this morning as it's defending against a "denial-of-service attack"

Perhaps Twitter has been flagged to Obama as being "fishy" since too many angry, right wing extremists were using it to organize their community. How dare those hard working, law abiding, tax paying Americans decide to organize their community on their own without the expressed permission of our community organizer-in-chief.

Those mobsters must have been spreading disinformation about the government takeover of healthcare, err, I mean Obama's efforts to make healthcare more affordable and provide more choices by raising taxes on benefits, rationing care and depriving people of their own private insurance and driving them into a public plan.

You can report me to Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod and the rest of the Chicago aparatchiks in the White House at

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