Obama Inviting Right Wing Extremists to Healthcare Townhalls

Posted On 12:26 PM by Steve Stevlic |

Orwellian is no longer the appropriate word to describe the Obama Administration. I don't even know what to call it because this is getting more surreal by the day. Yesterday I received an email from "Organizing from America", which is for all intents and purposes the Barack Obama campaign. They asked me to attend an event in August because it was important to "fight back" against all the misinformation out there. After I confirmed I was willing to attend I was taken to a page soliciting donations to Organizing for America. Oh, but that wasn't all.

Today, they sent me an email asking me to BRING A FRIEND!

I can only hope to attend a healthcare townhall in my community and get confronted by a reporter from the state run media.

State Run Media Reporter: Sir, I see that you are very well dressed and obviously an unhinged, racist, nazi. We know that you are a plant bought and paid for by K street lobbyists. Why don't you tell us - who brought you here?

Me: President Obama.

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