Here is raw video of union thugs outside Russ Carnahan's townhall in St. Louis, MO last night.

You can see union thugs from SEIU (purple shirts) beating up a townhall participant named Kenneth Gladney. At 1:01 in the video the thugs say they attacked him because he "attacked America". That participant happens to be black - let's see if the media cares if this attack was racially motivated or not. You can read St. Louis Post Dispatch coverage here.

At 2:00 minutes into the video you can hear, but not see, them also physically attack a woman.

I ask the White House and the mainstream media - who is intimidating people and trying to stop debate?
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4 Response to 'The Angry Left Completely Unhinged - Physically Attacking Americans at a Townhall'
  1. Reaganite Republican'> August 7, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    Now the DNC is deploying AFL-CIO palookas while hypocritically dismissing Obamacare opponents as paid shills -even running disengenuous TV ads to slander them- meanwhile SanFranNan is halucinating and seeing imaginary Swastikas.

    This should make clear to anyone just what these far-left elitists think of your opinion.

    Note that whenever Obama, Emanuel, or Gibbs are asked about why polls show SO many people oppose their misguided Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare proposals, they ALWAYS segue-right-into “we need to educate the public…”.

    LOL- save your breath… Constitutionally-aware patriots don’t take lectures from Marxists.


  2. Anonymous'> August 7, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    Okay...I am on your side, but please someone come up with a better video on this! All I can see from this video, is the aftermath, and a SEIU member actually on the ground!

    I am reporting the incident. But, Need some photgraphic proof...


  3. Anonymous'> August 7, 2009 at 1:25 PM

    "You can see union thugs from SEIU (purple shirts) beating up a townhall participant named Kenneth Gladney."

    That's incorrect. The person being beaten at the start of the video is wearing a purple shirt and is apparently an SEIU member. Presumably the crowd turned on him after he attacked Mr. Gladney.

    Gladney himself appears later in the video, speaking to the camera. He is wearing a light-colored shirt.



  4. Anonymous'> August 7, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    Actually, you do see him getting beat up. Granted, it is easy to get distracted by one of the purple shirting guys going down, but you can see him (0:07) in the video getting thrown down to the ground by an SEIU guy.

    The guy went to the emergency room and says they broke his glasses and beat him up. There were several eyewitnesses. I don't know how much more proof anyone needs.