Sarah Palin is a gifted politician with great instincts. By Election Day of 2008, she had accumulated a grand total of 9 weeks of experience in national politics and managed to shine within the unmitigated disaster that was the McCain campaign. There is no telling what she could accomplish if she were to assemble a savy, professional political team. There is one person in particular that could take Palin from conservative superstar to Presidential frontrunner - Dick Morris.

Morris appeared on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren to comment on Sarah Palin's remarks at the Anchorage, Alaska Lincoln Day Dinner. Morris discussed the media's targeting of Palin and called out Charlie Gibson. Morris said, "Palin is a lot smarter than Gibson is on his best day." He went on to say that the Bush Doctrine can mean 20 different things and the only reason Gibson knew even one of them was because his researcher told him.

Greta said she admires both of them, Morris said he admires one of them.

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