Blago Taking Every Corrupt Politician Down With Him

Posted On 12:30 AM by Steve Stevlic |

Rod Blagojevich is guilty of stealing from the hardworking families of Illinois and should be wearing an orange jump suit. He represents the worst of people in politics, but he is providing us with a tremendous service. He is bringing down every other corrupt Illinois politician with him.

He hosted his own radio show on WLS-AM this week and read a long list of double-dippers in state government. For those of you who don't live in Cook County and are unfamiliar with the term, a double dipper is someone who holds more than one government job at a time. Most of us can only manage to work at one job at a time, but these "hard working" government servants collect checks from 2 or 3 or more jobs at a time.

I hope Blago takes everyone down with him. I mean everyone: Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and yes, Barack Obama.
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