We now know the identity of the McCain staffer that was smearing Sarah Palin - Nicole Wallace. Erick Erickson, Editor of RedState.com, launched Operation Leper in November to determine who smeared Governor Palin in order to hold them accountable. Wallace was an early suspect, but the evidence is now in. Many people have come forward to confirm Wallace was smearing Palin:

Erickson stated, “A dozen eye witnesses to her antics on the campaign trail contacted RedState. Most of them were confirmed. We don't know why she behaved as she did other than to save her own skin at the expense of a decent woman maligned by the press and handled incompetently by the McCain campaign. We do know she behaved badly.”

Who is Nicole Wallace?

Wallace served as director of communications for President Bush from January 2005 to June 2006. Communication was not the Bush administration’s strength, to say the least, in their second term. Wallace joined the McCain campaign as a senior adviser in May 2008 and was eventually assigned as Palin’s press person.

Wallace helped design the disastrous media strategy where Sarah was confined to two major interviews with ABC’s Charlie Gibson and CBS’s Katie Couric. During the campaign, Palin never appeared with Bill O’Reilly or Greta Van Susteren on Fox – the highest rated cable news channel. She never appeared on Larry King, widely considered a safe environment, during the campaign. Palin was only allowed to call in to conservative talk radio programs like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin later on in the campaign instead of when she was introduced to the nation.

Before joining the McCain campaign, Wallace worked as a political analyst at CBS News. Yes, that CBS News. It was a mystery to many of us why the campaign insisted on doing multiple interviews with Katie Couric. I suppose it should not have been that much of mystery.

How badly did Wallace botch Palin’s media strategy? Take a look at this clip of Nicole Wallace the morning after Sarah’s convention speech. During the convention, she didn’t think it was important for Palin to take questions from the elite MSM. The strategy they pursued ended up being the exact OPPOSITE – all Palin did was take questions from the elite MSM.

The Newest Obama Kool-Aid Drinker

Wallace is now drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Here is what she wrote in a column for The Daily Beast:

“Obama deserves our thanks for letting Republicans root for him, as well...Two former senior aides to President George W. Bush said to me over the weekend, ‘I expect him [President Obama] to be there for eight years.’ A former senior official of Bush's re-election campaign predicted that he would contribute to Obama's re-election effort. When I heard that, I said, ‘He hasn't even been sworn in yet.’ It didn't matter. One former White House colleague who I ran into in a greenroom this weekend said, ‘I'm pleased with everything Obama's done-it's the press that's driving me crazy.’”

The smears against Palin were cowardly

Michelle Malkin had it absolutely right. Here is how Malkin described the cowardly attacks of Palin by “unnamed” staffers.

“At least all the Hollywood and Manhattan Palin-haters were willing to sign their names and put their faces on their attacks…Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out who would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families… And she did it all with a tirelessness and infectious optimism that defied the shameless, bottomless attempts by elites in both parties to bring her and her family down. Shame on the smearers who don’t have the balls to show their faces.”

Now we know where the smears came from. They came from Nicole Wallace. It’s time for Nicole Wallace to come clean, admit her wrongdoing and repair the damage she has created.

We need to hold Wallace accountable

Unless she repairs the damage she has done to Sarah’s reputation, we need to make sure that she is never employed by a Republican organization again. We need to constantly remind other conservatives and Republicans about Wallace’s smears. We need to make sure she is not put in a position where she can do this again.

We must reject any Republican Presidential candidate that hires Nicole Wallace. We can not let this stand.
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