What would you ask Fred Thompson if you had the chance?

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Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online is interviewing Fred Thompson on Sunday. She is soliciting questions for Fred from her readers.

Here are my top ten questions for Fred:

1. You were not in the Senate during most of Bush’s presidency. If you were the nominee, could Barack Obama have successfully painted you as George Bush’s 3rd Term?

2. Was it a mistake for John McCain to not talk about Reverend Wright?

3. Do you think the McCain campaign staffers sliming of Sarah Palin is coming from staffers loyal to John McCain, staffers disloyal to John McCain or staffers loyal to Mitt Romney?

4. Would Sarah Palin have been your first choice as a running mate if you were the nominee?

5. If she runs, will Sarah Palin be a serious candidate for the Republican nomination in 2012?

6. What is your main goal for FredPac between now and 2010?

7. You campaigned on reforming Social Security. Which Republicans have the courage to reform Social Security and entitlements?

8. Did you see “An American Carol”? Would you have liked to star in it?

9. Will Jeri Thompson ever run for office?

10. Will we ever see the red truck again?

What would you ask Fred Thompson if you had the chance?

You can email your questions to KLO here: klopez@nationalreview.com

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