Mark Levin: What is at Stake in this Election

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Mark Levin, the Great One, F Lee Levin, gave a pep talk to the American people as this campaign draws to a close. Mark talked about what is at stake at this election. The time to defeat Barack Obama is now. The time to defeat the left wing hoards is now. This is what Reagan conservatives need to do. Please watch:

Mark campaigned for Reagan in 1976 and 1980. He served in many roles in the Reagan administration, including as Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese. Ed Meese goes all the way back to the California days with Reagan, is the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and is another staunch supporter of McCain-Palin. These men are true Ronald Reagan conservatives. They recognize Barack Obama for the socialist that he is and aren't hyptonized by soaring rheotoric, multiple autobiographies and three million dollar celebrations. Many liberal Republicans have argued (perhaps the word argued gives them too much credit) that Barack Obama is articulate, intelligent and a transformative figure in American politics. The Buckleys, the Powells, the Kmiecs and the Dubersteins "hope" that he will govern as well as he campaigns. We know better. We know what is at stake.

Our country is at stake. Our men in women in uniform are fighting on the battlefield. The campaigns are over, now the election is in our hands. Go out and vote. Make sure your family votes. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote.

Send this to your friends that still need motivation to vote for McCain, or just need to keep their spirits up.
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